Uncategorized June 29, 2022

“Good-bye” turns into “Hello”

Over the past few years, we’ve lost a lot of great restaurants and shops in Kirkland. COVID simply wreaked havoc for a multitude of businesses, sadly. But, as we turn the corner with fewer restrictions and cases plummeting, new businesses begin to spring up in their place. The city has welcomed the following businesses just this year and we can’t wait to visit them (again) this summer – We hope to see you there too!

Dekalash – An elevated lash and brow service that is sure to leave you feeling like your best self. Stop in to see how they can empower you! dekalash.com

Pressed – This juicery from California is now right here in Kirkland and offering plant-based food options as well. Might I suggest their dragon fruit smoothie bowl?! pressed.com

8th Day Nails – A little secret… they do more than nails! Visit 8th Day for all your pampering needs and get back to your stress-free self! 8thdaynails.com

Walla Walla Clothing Co – For a first-class shopping experience, visit the new Walla Walla store. What new summer piece will you be dawning? wallawallaclothing.com

POP Culture Champagne Bar – The “Fizzness Casual” spot, as owner Carolyn Holt calls them, that is a must-visit for celebrations or just a fun, relaxing meet-up with friends. www.sippopculture.com

Fetch – With more and more multifamily residences popping up in Kirkland, it’s no wonder Fetch moved in as well. This direct-to-door delivery service is a game-changer for package deliveries! fetchpackage.com