What is WeAreKirkland™?

The WeAreKirkland™ Campaign is aimed at highlighting the individuals, efforts, business & entities in the Kirkland community that make it unique and special.

Cities are made of more than just businesses, shops, attractions and infrastructure. Things like commerce, housing and sustainability will always be a part of a city's make up, but to us, there's much more than that. The WeAreKirkland™ campaign is all about taking the time to really get to know who and what makes our city special.

Because we live, work and play in the beautiful Kirkland area, we know a thing or two about what makes this place special. On top of that, we strongly value connection and taking care of each other, our clients, and our community. Together, #WeAreKirkland.

About us

Meet Mike Connolly | Owner & Designated Broker

Believing that connection and taking care of people are the foundation of a successful real estate firm, Mike Connolly set out to create an office that goes beyond the traditional setting. Camaraderie and collaboration are everyday finds at Windermere Kirkland, and working together to provide unprecedented real estate results for our clients is what we do.

The basic philosophy that we have embraced since our inception has served us and more importantly the public well. The process of buying and selling real estate becomes more complex with each year that goes by. Our goal is to assist you in growing your business at whatever level it is at today.

Mike has had the privilege of being involved in contributing to the Windermere system since 1985. He was an early participant to the network of Windermere Real Estate professionals that exist today. Our office was the eighth member to a system that now exceeds 300 offices throughout the Western United States with over 8,000 real estate professionals.

As you consider your association with Windermere Real Estate, think of it as an involvement with an organization of professionals whom will expect exactly that of you. Client first, professionalism above the bar, contribution to each others success. The Golden Rule is our mantra.


Meet Rob Scarber | Branch Manager

Rob is a proud lifetime resident of the Pacific Northwest. He started playing trombone at the age of 10 and later moved on to guitar which kept his passion for music alive, and his music room wall full of guitars. He and his wife of 27 years love exploring all corners of our beautiful region. With a rich background in the hospitality industry, as general manager at some iconic restaurants, Rob developed a keen focus on serving others which has transcended into his coaching and development of brokers. (Bonus fun fact: he randomly counts things in groups of 4, due to his music background!)

With a deep commitment to community service, Rob believes in giving back to the community he calls home. He has volunteered extensively with Attain Housing in Kirkland, earning their Volunteer of the Year award in 2019, and now serves on their Board of Directors. Rob also sits on the Government and Public Affairs Committee for the Seattle King County Association of Realtors and is a former board member and treasurer of the Juanita Neighborhoods Association. Through this civic involvement, Rob stays connected to the local real estate market, events, and infrastructure that shapes the community.

As Branch Manager, Rob focuses on supporting his office's brokers through personalized coaching, educational events to enrich their knowledge, and identifying their pain-points so he can provide actionable advice. Embracing a collaborative spirit, Rob is dedicated to adding value to others' lives, an approach he calls The Architecture of Help. With the genuine desire to contribute to those around him, Rob exemplifies the ethos of a Go-Giver.


We are the brokers that make up Windermere Kirkland. With a diverse collection of backgrounds and experience, we collectively use our knowledge, skill and hyper-local expertise to serve our clients from start to finish.


Windermere Kirkland Team

Alexi Keogh

Broker Support

Ashlie Erskine

Admin Manager

Amanda Puffenbarger

Broker Support