“The Brokers of Windermere Real Estate Kirkland are hands down as good as it gets. They are committed to excellence in everything they do, and you couldn’t be in better hands.”

— Tom & Nancy Peterson, Residents of Kirkland


Building strong relationships with our clients from start to finish is what we do. Here's how we can help you throughout your process.

Let us show you how we guide our buyers and sellers through their real estate transactions with accuracy and provision, leading to peace-of-mind and stress-free results.

“That cliche saying ‘location, location, location,’ well... it’s actually really true. Because of our agent’s local expertise and knowledge of the area, we found our dream home in an area that - at first - we didn’t know a thing about!”

— The Nelsons, Residents of the Lakeview Neighborhood



With total emphasis on an active home search rather than a passive one, we work diligently to take the criteria we've decided on, and help you locate your future home. Auto searches are helpful, but true results come from being on the court, not in the stands.


They say communication is key, and for us, this couldn't be more truthful. When we work together, you will always be up to date and in-the-know. Additionally, staying present and on top of current market trends and conditions is vital to helping us reach our goal of finding your new home.


Knowledge is power, and believe it or not, there is a lot to learn when it comes to buying your next home. Whether it's your first time or your tenth, we are there to meet you wherever you are in the home-buying experience. The only wrong question is the one that wasn't asked, and it is our ongoing objective to keep you informed and up to date.


You would not believe how many steps we have to take together before you get to enjoy your new home. However, we are there with you every step of the way as your go-to guides to ensure peace-of-mind and a stress-free experience.

“The marketing expertise of our Broker made all the difference in helping us get top dollar for our home.”

— The Fitzpatrick Family, Residents of the Market Neighborhood



Preparing your home to go on the market can end up seeming like a never-ending to-do list. By keeping up with current trends and topics, we use our relevant experience and knowledge to guide our sellers with realistic suggestions for what to do, what not to do, what to spend, and so on.


Before we hit the market and beyond, we take the time to thoroughly understand your neighborhood and the local market to ensure that we are strategically priced and competitively positioned for maximum return on time and money.


Our job of selling your home extends far beyond beautiful marketing materials - which of course you will always have - and enters the realm of waking up every day asking the question, "How will we sell this home today?" We take our role seriously and remain a constant ambassador of your home to each colleague and potential buyer we encounter.


"They communicated TOO much..." said no one, EVER! After years of experience we know - without a doubt - that one of the key differences between a good outcome and an extraordinary one is solid communication.