“Downtown Kirkland is one of the most special places you’ll ever visit. ”

— Kay Flajole, Broker & Resident of Market Neighborhood


Remarkable restaurants, fantastic shopping and iconic statues are just the beginning when it comes to describing Downtown Kirkland. Also known as the Moss Bay neighborhood, Downtown brings together not only the residents of Kirkland, but everything that makes the city special.

With dozens of year-round happenings and events, Downtown serves as a hub for activity and coming together. With an ongoing energy that provides a sense of belonging, everybody feels welcome and at home here. Whether it's the weekly Farmer's Market in the summer or one of several annual events such as Oktoberfest or Kirkland Uncorked, you're sure to find something that intrigues and excites.

The epitome of casual elegance, Downtown Kirkland constantly reminds you that you're somewhere truly unique. Boutique shops and gourmet restaurants blend seamlessly with landmark statues of coyotes on cows and children jumping hand-in-hand. Needless to say, Kirkland is a distinct destination, and Downtown serves to bring its individuality to life.

With a reputation for relaxation and rejuvenation, Downtown is comprised of numerous locations to eat, drink, gather, and shop the day away. Wherever you are, you're sure to be only steps from Lake Washington and Marina Park. With views of Downtown Seattle in the distance, it's hard to believe the fast pace of the city is so close. The opposite of hurried and busy, the pace of Downtown Kirkland reminds you that it's alright to take a breath and enjoy the day.

“Summertime never comes soon enough! I absolutely love going to the Farmer’s Market at Marina Park every Wednesday - it’s the highlight of my week!”

— Darren Kentner, Broker


Learn more about the beautiful parks found in the Downtown Neighborhood.

Peter Kirk Park & Lee Johnson Field

In the heart of Downtown Kirkland lies this impressive recreation destination that has been bringing residents together for generations. With features ranging from swimming, skating, swinging and singing, there is something for everybody. Located within it's 12 acre boundary, you'll find the Peter Kirk Community Center, Lee Johnson Field as well as the Kirkland Performing Arts Center.

Marina Park

A Downtown Kirkland staple, Marina Park is one of the most iconic places to visit in all of Kirkland. As the location for most annual events as well as ongoing happenings such as the Kirkland Farmer's Market, there is always something to see and do here.

“There is nothing better than some phad thai and a pot of jasmine tea at HANUMAN THAI! ”

— Mike Connolly, Owner of Windermere Real Estate Kirkland


You name it, Downtown's got it. Here you'll find endless restaurants with every cuisine imaginable! Enjoy all of the culinary creations that Downtown has to offer.

“I am complimented on almost everything I’ve ever bought from ISTINA! Their clothing is sensational and not run-of-the-mill. It’s edgy, high-quality, and totally unique.”

— Cheri Parris, Broker & Resident of Downtown


Downtown Kirkland is home to many impressive shops offering unique items and unforgettable experiences. From candy stores to a bakery just for your pooch, we're sure you'll find exactly the right thing here.

“As a resident of DOWNTOWN, I always feel like I’m part of a beach community, and love that coastal feeling! The walkability is fantastic, and I absolutely love living here.”

— Leslie Goulden, Broker & Resident of Downtown


Besides the many, many annual and on-going events to be enjoyed in Downtown Kirkland, there are also some staple happenings that you're sure to enjoy.

“The numerous statues of DOWNTOWN are fascinating to look at, and truly resemble what is possible in the world of art and sculpture.”

— Candace Simpson, Photographer for the WeAreKirkland™ Project


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