Small but mighty, Kirkland's Everest Neighborhood is not one to be missed. Home to Everest Park, this place screams baseball at every turn. With facilities that would make any baseball player go batty, Everest stands proud in the both the baseball and Kirkland communities as one of a kind. Baseball not exactly you're thing? That's ok! Everest may be Kirkland's smallest neighborhood, but it has a ton to offer. A local favorite here is the Ohde Avenue Pea Patch, a small but beautiful community garden space containing plants, fruits and vegetables of all varieties. Also, don't forget to try Shamiana - one of the best Indian restaurants around!

“If you ever need a break during a lengthy baseball game, the concessions at EVEREST PARK are out of this world!”

— Dana V. Adams, Broker

Everest PARKS

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Everest Park

Can you say baseball? Even though this park has it all - an incredible play area, picnic shelters with checkerboards on tabletops, and pristine basketball courts, Everest Park is undoubtedly known for it's role in the Kirkland Little League scene.

Ohde Avenue Pea Patch

A total hidden gem, Ohde Avenue Pea Patch transports you to a different world! Rows of meticulously cared for fruits, vegetables and flowers remind you that some love and care go a long way. Stroll through raised beds bursting with color and life, and maybe even take on your own patch of earth to grow something special!


The Everest neighborhood may not have dozens of choices, but what they do have happens to be out of this world!



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