“On a sunny day, there isn’t another place like Finn Hill in the entire region that has these views! Absolutely incredible!”

— Joanne Stewart, Broker


Iconic views and breathtaking scenery are only the beginning when it comes to describing the incredible neighborhood of Finn Hill. Made up of several smaller communities such as Champagne Point, Holmes Point, Goat Hill and many others, Finn Hill is a beautiful collective of charming communities brimming with endless reasons why people love living here.

Home to some of Kirkland's most beloved parks, Finn Hill has been a staple community in Kirkland for generations. Bordered by St. Edward's State Park to the North and Lake Washington on the West and South, Finn Hill is often referred to as one of the best places to live for those who love nature while staying close and accessible to local amenities and attractions. As Kirkland's largest neighborhood, there are countless things to do here. Enjoy all that this outdoor mecca has to offer by taking advantage of the lake, the mountains and everything in between.

“The trails found at O.O. Denny Park are some of my absolute favorites! I love being in the middle of nature and recharging here.”

— Marsha Matchett, Broker & Resident of Finn Hill

Finn Hill PARKS

Learn more about the beautiful parks found in the Finn Hill Neighborhood.

Big Finn Hill Park

Soccer? Baseball? Hiking? Whatever you're looking for, Big Finn Hill Park has it! Enjoy big spaces, ample parking and ease of access at this treasured community gem.

O.O. Denny Park

A Kirkland favorite, OO Denny Park has been around for quite some time - since 1922 in fact! Since then, incredible additions have been made to the park, including charming bridges, convenient picnic shelters and maintained restrooms. One thing that hasn't changed? Those incredible views we all know and love.

St. Edward State Park

Did you know there are TWO State Parks within Kirkland's city limits? Even though St. Edward State Park isn't entirely in Kirkland, the Finn Hill neighborhood is bordered to the North by this incredible oasis. Oh - and there's a University there! Click Learn More to read on about this special place.


“PLAZA GARCIA is YUMM! Some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had.”

— Bill Blanchard, Broker & Resident of Finn Hill


Plaza Garcia

This charming restaurant situated amongst the trees aims to please with unbelievable Mexican food! Here you'll hear words such as 'fresh' and 'delicious' with almost every bite. And if you love margaritas, you definitely need to check this place out.


“We love Finn Hill! It’s where we moor our boat, and holds the best memories for us!”

— Kelli Hughes, Broker


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