“Some people cite being close to nature but near everything... But Cotton Hill Park in the Highlands is the real deal. You won’t even believe - EVER - that you are in the middle of such a vibrant, successful community.”

— Nancy Thomas, Resident of The Highlands Neighborhood


Multiple parks. The Cross-Kirkland Corridor. Views. All within moments to Downtown Kirkland? No, this is not a false description, this is The Highlands. Located just North of Downtown and near almost everything, The Highlands has long been a sought after place to call home in the Kirkland community. Meandering lanes jutting off the main arterials evoke a sense of discovery and curiosity, while always maintaining a sense of comfortability and connection. Unique and truly one-of-a-kind, you'll never get bored exploring the distinct neighborhoods of The Highlands.

“Our kids’ favorite park in town is definitely Forbes Hill Park. My daughter Sofia especially loves the “music maker” there.”

— Bridgette Murphy, Resident of The Highlands


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Cedar View Park

Hidden and wonderful, this private little escape not only has an amazing play structure for the little ones, it's boasts some amazing views of Lake Washington in such an unsuspecting setting!

Cotton Hill Park

An outdoor enthusiast's dream, Cotton Hill Park has everything you'd ever hope for! Sited right in the city, you'd never guess you're anywhere near any type of hustle and bustle. Calm, peaceful scenery beckons you to explore and unwind.

Forbes Creek Park

Talk about an unexpected surprise! This gem of a park located in North Highlands boasts every amenity imaginable. Giant play structures, multiple tennis courts and generous spaces for gatherings and entertainment, you'll love exploring Forbes Creek Park.

Highlands Park

Quaint and charming, this beautiful neighborhood park has been a favorite for local residents for years. Just the right size to keep an eye on what's going on, Highlands Park is easily accessible and provides everything necessary for an afternoon of fun and relaxation.

Spinney Homestead Park

Adjacent to I-405 and with a pedestrian bridge that crosses over the interstate to the Rose Hill neighborhood, Spinney Homestead Park has long been a local favorite because of it's wide open spaces and ease of access.


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