“Walking along the Cross Kirkland Corridor in Houghton is one of my favorite things in the world with my dog.”

— Rob Scarber, Broker at Windermere Kirkland


A Kirkland staple, the Houghton neighborhood has long been admired for it's incredible, panoramic views of Lake Washington, the Olympic Mountains and even Downtown Seattle. In addition to these sought after vistas, Houghton is incredibly easy to access and boasts amazing shopping and restaurants. Home to Northwest University, Houghton is bustling with activity and has something for everyone. It's rich history includes having been home to several ship-building companies, the recent headquarters of the Seattle Seahawks, and many notable residents. Brimming with beautiful parks and gorgeous scenery, it's easy to understand why Houghton continues to remain a local favorite.

“My kids absolutely adore Carillon Woods Park! And the serene, peaceful ambience there gives me a much deserved break while I watch them play.”

— Candace Simpson, Photographer for WeAreKirkland™


Learn more about the beautiful parks found in the Houghton Neighborhood.

Carillon Woods Park

Looking for a beautiful escape right in the center of it all? Check out Carillon Woods Park, featuring pristine walking trails, numerous sculptures and works of art, and one of the best play structures around!

Phyllis A. Needy Park

Small but mighty, the Phyllis A. Needy Park has long been a favorite with the little ones. Featuring numerous play structures, table games and a good ol-fashioned sandbox, this park has it all. Easy to find and with parking aplenty!

Watershed Park

At nearly 75 acres, Watershed Park is the perfect place to get out and explore! Easy to understand paths and route maps help guide you through fantastic scenery and breathtaking views of Lake Washington. Learn more about the trails and outdoor activities below.

“Nothing like the ambiance of ordering at a truck window from the friendly staff and waiting at the curbside picnic tables for your meal of street taco heaven. Don’t be looking for cheese, these perfect minis are corn tortilla and delicious slow cooked meat of your choice - maybe fresh chopped onion. That’s it. Delicious and straight up. And don’t forget to try their amazing tamales! You can order these in advance to take home.”

— Katherine Vincent, Broker & Resident of Houghton


Houghton is home to one of Kirkland's best known taco trucks!

Tacos el Guero

Don't judge a book by it's cover. For some of the best tacos you've ever had, try Tacos El Guero. In addition to incredible food, their service is bar-none the best you can get, and you'll always leaving with a smile and a very happy stomach.



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