Totally appropriately named, the Lakeview Neighborhood of Kirkland cannot be missed. With sweeping views of Lake Washington from almost everywhere within its boundaries, Lakeview has been captivating passersby for generations. Home to numerous parks along the shoreline, as well as varies restaurants & cafes, there is something for everyone here. Local favorites include the public volleyball courts with soft white sand, the sculptures at Houghton Beach Park, and of course the many amenities and attractions found at Carillon Point. Magnificent sunsets, delicious food and unforgettable memories will keep you coming back to Lakeview for years to come.


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Houghton Beach Park

An all year attraction, Houghton Beach Park is where you need to go if you want to get away from it all while being close to everything! With an amazing swim area, fantastic volleyball courts, and covered picnic shelters, there's something for everybody!

Marsh Park

Some of Kirkland's most iconic photographs representing the city have been taken at Marsh Park. Looking for that perfect Kirkland sunset? Here's where to find it. With stunning views across the lake to the Sandpoint and Laurelhurst neighborhoods of Seattle, Marsh Park will bring a smile to your face every single time with never-boring vistas into such a magnificent area.

Yarrow Bay Wetlands

For a beautiful nature walk, head to Yarrow Bay Wetlands located in the South part of the Lakeview Neighborhood. Meandering paths along marshy wetlands bring abundant opportunities for bird and nature watching, as well as a relaxing get away from the hustle and bustle!


With some of Kirkland's best restaurants, Lakeview will surprise with culinary delights for all!


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