The Future of Windermere Kirkland.

Meet the "We are Kirkland™" Building

We are excited to continue to grow our community driven service into the next chapter of Windermere Real Estate Kirkland with the announcement that we have broken ground on our new office construction!

Our new building will have spacious conference rooms that will be equipped with the latest technology for efficient meetings. Additionally, open floor plans and moveable furniture will foster our continued collaborative efforts as a team.

Our new space will also allow us to play and take in all that Kirkland has to offer. For example our proximity to the water has started disucssions of having paddleboards available for our team and clients to take breaks throughout the day out on the lake. With bigger office space we also look forward to growing our team here at Windermere Kirkland.


We hope that with a larger and more modern space, our team will grow into an even larger resource within the Eastside community. Our intention is to build an office that will be a pillar within the community - a place where you can do everything from plan out your next housing move, or attend an artist reception. With gratitude for the vision Mike & BJ Connolly have created for our team, we are excited to take on this next chapter of Windermere Kirkland, together. #WeAreKirkland™

September 2019 December 2019

Stay tuned for more building updates!