Angelina Mayorova | Artists Outside The Box

April 6, 2018


Artists Outside The Box

Angelina Mayorova

With each artist we interview, we expand our knowledge of art and learn about what goes into the creation of the beautiful pieces we have hanging on our office walls. Our interview with Angelina Mayorova, our second Artists Outside The Box feature of 2019, is no exception.

Angelina has had a love for art her entire life. Her passion was so evident that her mother encouraged her to pursue art further. Unfortunately, the state of her home country hindered her pursuit.

Now in Kirkland Angelina has held onto that passion and creates beautiful masterpieces which she can sometimes complete in one sitting. However, she is very meticulous with her painting since she uses acrylics, each stroke needs to be well thought out. Her paintings are inspired by nature, as she tries to bring the good vibes of the outdoors inside. Every once in a while you may even catch her painting a plane or another vehicle being engulfed by nature.

While interviewing Angelina, we found her method of painting to be particularly interesting. Rather than using a typical paintbrush, she pushes her own boundaries and uses a palette knife to bring her paintings to life. She says the challenge is something that she enjoys as it keeps the process engaging for her.

At the moment Angelina’s favorite colors are a combination of pink and green, which can be found in her incredible roses painting. These colors help it feel more like spring when it feels more like winter here in Kirkland.


Watch our interview with Angelina to learn more about her and her artwork. We welcome everyone to stop by our office to take a look at Angelina’s incredible artwork between now and March 31st.

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**Artists Outside The Box is a group of artists in the Greater Seattle Area dedicated to promoting art in the community through outreach and collaboration.