Why Should You Be A #BusinessHero - Interview With Carol From Attain Housing

July 21, 2020

Throughout the uncertainty of these past few months, we have witnessed businesses, families, and our community suffer. However, through that struggle, we have also witnessed great strength and resilience in our community. Through this troubling time, we have partnered with Attain Housing to figure out how we can help both businesses and local families within our community. Thus, the #BusinessHeroes campaign was started. To explain exactly what this campaign entails, we have interviewed Carol Ryan, Director of Development at Attain Housing. She and her team work together to raise funds for Attain Housing through grants, donors, and local government.  


Tell us about Attain Housing

Attain Housing houses and supports families transitioning from homelessness and spares families from losing their housing because they are at risk of eviction. Our caseworkers also help these families develop healthy habits to break the cycle of homelessness. Our organization serves the Eastside and we celebrated our 30 year anniversary last year, making it 31 years now that we have served the community.


What is the #BusinessHeroes campaign? 

This campaign is a way for businesses to both support Attain Housing families while also sharing with our network what they are going through as a business. What we want to do is feature businesses and promote their offerings, whether they are reopening or want to draw attention to a special they are offering as they reopen. 

We want this campaign to be a full circle of support for the community - both businesses and families alike.


How will businesses benefit from this?

Our hope is businesses will receive increased visibility during this time and throughout the rest of the year through our social media channels, campaigns and fundraisers, and various marketing efforts. We can help these businesses tell their story to our audience, encourage our networks to share about the businesses on social media, and introduce the businesses to potential customers who might not know about them otherwise. Business owners should think of this campaign as an extension of their own promotions and advertising. It's a great outreach opportunity for the community. 


What other businesses are involved? 

It started with commitments from Windermere Kirkland Central and Merit Homes. Both Mike and BJ (Connolly of Windermere) and Josh and Anneli (Lysen of Merit Homes) wanted to leverage their support for Attain Housing by inviting other business people to join #BusinessHeroes within the community. We also have commitments from Homestreet Bank and Overlake Hospital. Our team and partners are reaching out to the many businesses and sponsors who have worked with us and supported us in the past to invite them to join in the campaign as well. 


How long will this campaign be running?

This campaign runs through the summer and we will really celebrate the success of the campaign as part of our fall Week of Giving. Usually, we host an in-person fall fundraiser, the biggest fundraiser we have all year, but this year we have shifted to a virtual fundraiser from September 18 - 24. Despite the change in our plans, we are still looking forward to celebrating all of our great work and support from all of the people that are inspired by our mission. 

We have already started shouting out business heroes, and we will continue that virtual support throughout the fall and into the rest of the year. Although we will be raising funds for a limited time, we are committed to supporting the local business community as they support us. 


What is the goal of this campaign? 

Our overall goal is to help businesses gain visibility throughout our network while helping vulnerable families within the community. 

Our goal is to raise $60,000 through this campaign (and $180,000 total during our Week of Giving virtual campaign). Although it is an ambitious goal, we believe we have the community to support our goal. Of course, we understand everyone is going through uncertain times, and we welcome any and all donations from businesses and the community. As Mike and Josh say, everyone can do something and every little bit counts. If donating is not something you can do at this time, consider spreading the word and sharing on social media. 

How can someone get involved?

They can visit the #BusinessHeroes page on our website for social media resources to share and to donate

Also, they can donate directly

People can also contact me directly. Let’s have a conversation on how you can get involved and help us reach our goal while we help your business! We want to ensure we are working in lockstep with businesses and our community. 

Carol Ryan - carol@attainhousing.org


How has Attain Housing pivoted during this time? 

We serve families who are transitioning from homelessness and our goal is within the 24 months of our program, families will move into permanent housing. Attain Housing families who have lost their jobs are experiencing the same stress we all are feeling. Over the past few months, our team has worked hard to make sure families knew they were safe and secure and we were going to work with them through this difficult time. 

There is a lot of uncertainty which can be paralyzing, so our case managers are working through that. We have pivoted our program to help our clients apply for unemployment, which can be challenging. It has been a huge focus for our case managers that we help them become self-sufficient, even during these times. We continue to do the work of helping clients get their feet underneath them, get what they need to be successful, and respond to the needs that are emerging every day. 


If someone needs help, where can they find more resources? 

Our transitional housing clients come to us through referrals. For those looking for help with this month’s rent, please visit our website for more information on the Stable Home office. You can also contact the Stable Home team Monday-Friday during their 9am-5pm office hours to apply for assistance over the phone: 425-828-0489.


Our goal at Windermere Kirkland is to be a resource for the community. Aside from helping you buy or sell your home, our team is dedicated to adding value to our city. Every other Tuesday we will be posting a blog post highlighting different people, businesses, communities, and more throughout Kirkland. Stay tuned!