Kirkland's Hidden Gems | Carillon Point

October 24, 2019

A big part of what we do here at Windermere Kirkland is connecting people to all that Kirkland has to offer. From downtown to our beautiful waterfront, you may think you have explored all parts of Kirkland, not aware of the hidden gems that exist in our city, one of them being Carillon Point.


If you have ever driven by the lake in Kirkland, you have most likely driven by Carillon Point. Nestled down a quiet driveway where the road breaks off to become Lakeview Drive off of Lake Washington Blvd NE, is a piece of paradise.

We like to call Carillon Point the perfect stay-cation spot because it is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the street, and you have everything you need right there - lakefront views, amazing food, even a beautiful hotel. These amenities make it feel like you are visiting a resort for vacation when in actuality Kirkland’s everyday life is just a few hundred feet up the road.

The Carillon Point that we know and love today was not always a hidden oasis. In the late 1800s, the water in this area was actually much higher with a dock built by the Curtiss Family for personal and traveler boats to use. At the turn of the century, this area was then converted into a shipyard that largely benefitted the Eastside. By 1943, the shipyard grew to employ over 9,000 men and women to work on war vessels for the Navy, building 29 ships and repairing about 500 vessels.

If you took a stroll down to Carillon Point, you may have a hard time imagining ships being built on such a serene location. With a vast history and beautiful present, this hidden gem is a must-see here in Kirkland.

The Perfect Day in Carillon Point:

Stop by Starbucks in the morning for a cup of coffee while the sun rises. Then get your day started with a yoga class at Fly Fitness. Stop for a healthy fresh lunch at Carillon Kitchen, where all of their ingredients come from within 200 miles. Next, treat yourself to an afternoon at the Still Spa at the Woodmark Hotel, but make sure it isn’t a Wednesday because they are closed. End the perfect day with a waterfront dinner at the newest restaurant in Carillon Point, Como, which features cuisine from the Lombardia Region of Italy. To round of the most perfect day, stay the night at the beautiful Woodmark Hotel. We promise your trip won’t disappoint!

Learn more about Carillon Point and plan out your day here:

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