Summer Comes to an End

August 11, 2022

While summer is nearing its end, we don’t want you to regret not doing enough this sunny season. We asked our brokers what they’ve been up to so far this summer, and we think some activities just shouldn’t be missed. What can you check off, and what do you need to get out and take a break to do before the warm weather is gone?


Swing from a rope swing

Visit your local water hole and take the plunge! Remember how much you loved this as a child? Maybe you have your own kids now that haven’t had the pleasure? Either way, this is a summer staple and a must-do while you still can this year.


Float the river

Who doesn’t love a relaxing float down a smooth river?! Kids and adults alike love this summer activity so grab some friends and your family and head to one of these local spots (each one is only a few hours float time) – just remember to drop off a vehicle at your exit point or try a guided float that will bus you back and forth.

    • Hwy 522 bridge in Monroe to Thomas Eddy
    • Ben Howard boat launch to the Lewis Street bridge in Monroe
    • Dubuque bridge to Three Lakes Bridge in Snohomish (Dubuque is also a great spot to set up camp for a day with smaller children that may not be into floating)
    • Green River, Auburn: try going from Flaming Geyser state park to East Green River Park
    • Cedar River: Jones Rd around Cedar River Montessori Rd to the Carco theatre at I-405
    • Snoqualmie River: check out Fall City Floating


Berry picking

It’s no secret that the PNW offers the best berry selection in the nation. This makes for a fun afternoon with the kiddos or an early day-date. Try out the Snohomish valley where there are half a dozen fields within just a couple miles of each other or wander on your own through the hidden fields at Mt Catherine. View this site before you set out though, as the trailhead can be tricky to find:


Attend an outdoor concert

Live music keeps the soul alive and it’s way better experienced outside! Check these venues to see who’s coming to your area –

Ride in a hot air balloon

This one may not make the list every summer but if you haven’t done so yet, it’s a blast that you don’t want to miss! See NW Washington from a whole new vantage point and then check them out as they soar at the Olympic Peninsula Air Affaire.


Make S’mores!

Now this may be an obvious one, but what better time than the not-to-hot and not-too-cold nights of summer to build s’mores over a bonfire. Whether it’s while you camp or just in your yard, bust out the graham crackers and try these different twists on the classic in place of plain ol’ chocolate pieces:

    • Reese’s peanut butter cup
    • Hersey’s Cookies n’ Cream
    • KitKat bar
    • Oreo (try using this in place of the graham cracker too, yum!)
    • Ghirardelli caramel filled
    • Mr. Good bar
    • Peanut butter, cookie butter or a hazelnut spread


Wherever these next few weeks take you, we hope that you get out and enjoy the sun, the warmth, and the beautiful place we call home.