All in, for Kirkland.

September 15th, 2020

Being a real estate agent is so much more than holding open houses and signing contracts. As brokers we have the opportunity to be by your side throughout one of life’s biggest decisions, buying/selling your home. We at Windermere Kirkland understand that no matter where you are in life, real estate is a big decision that requires a lot of care and attention - and that is exactly what we promise to our clients. 


Care and Attention 

Having the privilege to be a part of a huge life decision does not come lightly. As brokers it is such a fulfilling feeling knowing that your new home will be where so much of your life will happen. With that it's important to note that our team is dedicated to understanding your goals to help you find the perfect place to call home. Our brokers have time and time again gone above and beyond for clients, like pruning a tree before an open house, or scrubbing floors before a photoshoot to make them really shine. You won’t find a Windermere Kirkland broker saying “ that’s not my job”, but rather with their sleeves rolled up making it happen. We are all in for you, Kirkland!

This commercial is actually based on a broker in our office!

Hyperlocal Experts 

Another important aspect of our service to you is our dedication to the local community. Our brokers love where they live, work, and play - and this passion shows through in their experience with clients. If you are looking into a particular area, our brokers can help you navigate the pros & cons of each Kirkland and Eastside neighborhood. Beyond that, our brokers can give you advice on local organizations they are a part of, local parks, foods, and so much more! 


Windermere Support 

As a Windermere Real Estate Brokerage, we have the tools and resources of Windermere. This company has been around since 1972, and since has grown to 300 offices around the Western US, of which our office was #18! With these years of being a part of Windermere we have gained all of the helpful tools we use daily to serve our clients and community. These tools give us the unique ability to always keep innovating to offer the best service we possibly can. 

Our goal at Windermere Kirkland is to be a resource for the community. Aside from helping you buy or sell your home, our team is dedicated to adding value to our city. Every other Tuesday we will be posting a blog post highlighting different people, businesses, communities, and more throughout Kirkland. Stay tuned!