Kirkland's Hidden Gems - Kirkland Arts Center

September 29th, 2020

Kirkland Arts Center

When thinking about gems in Kirkland, art is always top of mind. You can even argue that art in Kirkland is actually anything but hidden. Through the various bronze statues you find around town, to the abstract art you see in parks, or the many local artists that create within Artists Outside The Box, art plays a huge role in our culture here in Kirkland. 


One of the gems we love is the Kirkland Arts Center. With a mission to provide a space for people to have the freedom to create, grow, and inspire, it is no wonder that so many love it. 

Their values say it all: 

“Our Values

Kirkland Arts Center invites openness, curiosity, and risk-taking. We encourage students of all ages and abilities to engage in arts experiences, so they can grow as individuals and be part of a community. In order to protect this existing culture and invite growth as a community, the following core values are key to our strategic mission and vision: Inclusivity, Leadership, Sustainable Growth”


One of the fundamental aspects of creativity is encouraging everyone to participate, and the Kirkland Arts Center does just that. Offering classes for all ages and skill levels, community members can all express themselves in a way that works for them. 

The center has been around since 1962, and was founded by the Creative Arts League in an attempt to preserve a Kirkland landmark and create local opportunities for art. Since then the Kirkland Arts Center still remains in the oldest building in Kirkland, The Peter Kirk Building, which is named after the founder of Kirkland and still provides the opportunity to many artists. 

There is something so special about such an important center in our community focussing on the arts, being in a building named after the very founder of our amazing town. 

The Kirkland Arts Center is where art and Kirkland culture intersect to create a space where anything is possible. 

To learn more about the center or to get involved visit their website:

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