PNW Mike Check Podcast Episode 2: Tom Hurdelbrink NWMLS

October 13, 2020


We are so excited to announce our second episode of PNW Mike Check. Our very first guest, Tom Hurdelbrink, is the CEO and president of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. Tom has spent 13 years at NWMLS, and prior to that he had a career within different avenues of real estate that took him from Chicago, Ohio, California, and now ending up here in Washington State. 


Upon graduating college, Tom was not sure where his career path was heading. As fate would have it, he ran into an old friend, whose father worked for the National Association of Realtors. He started working there as a legislative analyst for state and legislative issues. While there Tom was exposed to issues like rent control, land use, and water rights. After a few years he had a choice to either go into lobbying or use his business background to manage a realtor association. This led to Tom’s experience in Ohio as one of the youngest managers in the company at just 24 years old. Fast forward, and Tom moves to California to work with when they first became a company. 


With years of experience and knowledge, Tom now runs the NWMLS, which is a member owned organization. Their goal is to facilitate mutual support among member firms. They offer many services and products to members, and ultimately serve the community in their 23-county footprint. We here at Windermere Kirkland have largely benefitted from the dedication of Tom and his team at NWMLS. From customer service to pushing the innovative envelope, the NWMLS is an organization we are thankful to be part of. 


With over 30,000 brokers, NWMLS is one of the largest multiple listing services in the country. With that comes teams of people and processes that Tom oversees. Throughout the interview Tom discusses his leadership methods and gives listeners an inside look at the workings of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service. 

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