PNW Mike Check #9: Dana Adams - Windermere Kirkland

June 1, 2021

On the ninth episode of PNW Mike Check, Mike and Sofia had the pleasure of sitting down with longtime Windermere Kirkland Broker, Dana Adams. Dana started her career very early on getting involved with new construction projects and has spent the last several years building out her business in this arena. 

Like many we have had on our podcast, Dana’s start to this niche came out of chance when she met a broker who needed someone to take her place holding new construction open houses. It was there that Dana met the listing agent who was an expert in development, and that opportunity grew into a specialty that she could build into a business. 

As a new construction agent, Dana offers a lot of insight to the builders through her understanding and knowledge on zoning, evaluating property, and beyond. With this knowledge, Dana is able to approach builders with pieces of property equipped with all of the background information, helping developers move along the first big step of these projects. 

With the local market being extremely busy, Dana says she keeps up by keeping an eye on what is happening in the market each day. When working with buyers and sellers in the market she is also careful to put herself in their shoes to understand that it can be very overwhelming for people right now. She explains that this current market creates a lot of emotions that ultimately fosters a more intimate and emotionally involved experience between clients and their brokers.

When Dana is not helping people find or sell their homes, she is helping people navigate their lives. As a young goal setter, Dana one day took a look back at her life and wondered if she had accomplished all she said she was and if she had met her goals. With this came an inspiration to create a map of how others could not only chase their dreams, but accomplish them. As the founder of the Life Mapping Institute, Dana inspires, motivates, and ultimately improves people's lives through her books, workshops, and events. Dana actually held multiple workshops for our Windermere office, which were so successful that they led to weekend long retreats. 

Dana adds a wealth of knowledge to all aspects of what she does, from the development world, to the motivational world, and we are so lucky to have her as part of our team here at Windermere Kirkland! 

To learn more about Dana’s Life Mapping Institute and to check out her books and resources visit:

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