PNW Mike Check Episode #10: Stewart Chamber NW - Windermere Kirkland

June 15, 2021

On the tenth episode of PNW Mike Check, Mike and Sofia sat down with the Stewart Chambers NW team. Grown from a team of one, Joanne Stewart started her real estate career 25 years ago at our office. Her son Travis then joined Windermere Kirkland in 2013 to form their mini two person team. It was not long before they realized they needed more help at the pace their business was growing. In 2018, Nic Chambers joined the team after working with Joanne and Travis to buy his first and second home. Like many that have worked with Joanne and Travis, he thoroughly enjoyed the process and loved having an amazing team on his side. And the Stewart Chambers team is born! 


They say two heads are better than one, and the Stewart Chambers team is proof of that. Through collaboration, communication, and transparency with each other, their team has grown and their business continues to expand. Most recently they added Sydney to their team to help with the increasing workload. 


As their team has evolved, so has their processes. Travis said, “When Nic joined us we were like an electrical panel, when you open the electrical panel everything looks clean. But then when you remove the cover plate, you see wires everywhere”. With a tech background, Nic worked with Joanne and Travis to help come up with a flow and processes to create efficiency and overall success for their team. 


To stay focussed they have weekly calls, and when extra busy they have a morning call each day to stay on top of everything. They differ from other teams in that not one person does everything on one deal, they each have strong suits so they divide and conquer. 


One of the most notable things this team does to further their success is, following review of multiple offers as the listing broker, calling back each party that put an offer in, whether they got the offer or not. In our world today it is so easy to either not communicate or simply send a quick text. Understanding that a conversation can go a long way, the Stewart Chambers team makes it a point to talk to each person. This extra level of dedication and humanizing the process sets them apart and keeps them top of mind in the industry and in the community. 


If you are thinking about joining a team, Joanne points out that discrepancy of age on a team is important, to bring multiple perspectives to the table. Additionally, trust is a large part of working on a team because you have to trust you will get through the good times, the bad times, and everything in between. 


Through talking to the team together it is evident that a large portion of their continued success comes from their ability to adapt, and be open to new ideas. We are certain the Stewart Chambers team will keep growing and keep serving our community at the highest standard, and we are so grateful to have such incredible people as part of our Windermere family! 


To listen to Stewart Chambers NW’s entire interview, watch below or listen on Apple or Spotify!! 

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