Summertime in Kirkland

June 29, 2021


Summertime in Kirkland is a truly majestic time. For a few months, the clouds clear, the sun comes out, and it stays out! With record heat rolling through the PNW, beating it is the name of the game, and Kirkland offers lots of family friendly summer activities. 


Check out the local library

One of our favorites, and honestly underrated summer activities is visiting the library. Central AC and endless rows of knowledge provide for the perfect afternoon getaway. The best part is, no two trips are the same because there is always something new to discover at the library. 

Learn more here


Water Activities

One of the most beautiful aspects of Kirkland is that it resides on Lake Washington, providing a plethora of summer activities in the water. You can rent a stand up paddle board, kayak, or boat, or even jump into the lake! It is the perfect way to cool off right here in our own backyard! 


If waterspouts are not your thing, the Kirkland waterfronts provide lots of dry options, such as Volleyball, grassy areas for picnics, or stretches of sand and docks to enjoy the waterfront views. 


Explore water sports activities here


Eat, Eat, and Eat!! 

With the waterfront activities comes waterfront eats! The Kirkland waterfront provides many options to enjoy great food with a beautiful view! A few of our favorites are The Beach House Bar & Grill, Ivar’s Seafood Bar, and Le Grand American Bistro. 


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Get Downtown

Kirkland Downtown Association provides a full calendar of events that residents and visitors of Kirkland can enjoy. Through planned events, or just strolling the Wednesday market, Kirkland Downtown is a great spot to enjoy in the summertime. 

Check out their website protocols and event information as it is updated for summer 2021


The real secret to summer in Kirkland is…it is what you make of it! With so many offerings there is always something to discover here in Kirkland. Just make sure to always stay hydrated, it’s a hot one out there!

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