Kirkland Frequently Asked Questions

March 30, 2021

We are so thrilled to see an influx of people moving to Kirkland. To help all of our new friends get acquainted with the area we compiled a list of frequently asked questions. 


How did Kirkland get its name?
Kirkland got its name from Peter Kirk, founder of Kirkland. Peter was a British-born businessman that had the vision to turn what is now Kirkland into the steel capital of the West Coast. Unfortunately, the stock market crash of 1893 sent panic throughout the country and ultimately halted his vision. To this day you can see many of the buildings from this era on Market street. To learn more about Kirkland visit

What is there to do in Kirkland?

The possibilities are abundant in Kirkland with waterfront activities and a quaint downtown area that always has something to discover. The Kirkland Downtown Association is a great resource for activities and events for the whole family. Additionally, Kirkland is known for its support of the local arts. Check out a play or concert at the Kirkland Performance Center, or peruse a gallery full of unique pieces created by local artists.

I am a small business owner, what resources does Kirkland offer?

Kirkland welcomes small businesses and offers a variety of resources for business owners. The first place we would suggest you visit is the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce. As members ourselves, we cannot speak highly enough of the support we have gotten from the chamber. From helpful staff, meaningful connections, and an overall support of the community, you are sure to get off to a great start here in Kirkland by joining the chamber. To learn more visit:

Where are the schools located in Kirkland?
With 25 public and private schools, Kirkland provides a high-quality learning environment for every type of student. To help locate some of the schools use this district map page that allows you to search for schools by area. There is also a district map you can print out.

I heard there is a lot of nature in Kirkland, where can I find it?
We are so lucky that Kirkland has over 50 parks, including 6 state and county parks! Each park has something unique to offer and the exploration is limitless. You can spend the morning escaping the city in Bridle Trails, then go enjoy the waterfront at Houghton Beach Park all in the same day. For a complete list of parks and searchable guide use this online parks search:

What is the best time of year in Kirkland?
We get this question often and we honestly think it is a trick question. Here in Kirkland we truly get all four seasons, making each one unique in its own way. For instance, there have been times our docks are covered in snow, and those same docks are full of families and kids in the summer enjoying the lake while the sun beats down.

Why should we move to Kirkland?
If you have ever visited Kirkland, the city does most of the answering for us. Kirkland has the growth trajectory with big businesses like Google, but still manages to elicit that small town feel with beautiful nature, downtown events that connect the whole city, and a community that supports one another. It is no wonder we started the #WeAreKirkland campaign that celebrates all of the reasons we love Kirkland.

We hope this helped answer some of your questions. If you have any more questions or would like to get more information on anything listed above please feel free to reach out.

Any member of our team would be happy to help you navigate your journey to Kirkland and answer any of your questions. 

Our goal at Windermere Kirkland is to be a resource for the community. Aside from helping you buy or sell your home, our team is dedicated to adding value to our city. Every other Tuesday we will be posting a blog post highlighting different people, businesses, communities, and more throughout Kirkland. Stay tuned!