Kirkland's Hidden Gems | Bridle Trails State Park

June 24, 2019

If you are ever driving down 116th Ave NE and see a horse crossing the street, you are probably near Bridle Trails State Park. Disguised as merely trees lining the street, you may not realize that Bridle Trails is a robust 482 acre state park that you can enjoy from dawn to dusk year round.

You may notice that there are some privately owned properties within what would seem like the park grounds. This is because about 160 acres of the 640 acre area was put up for sale to private owners, resulting in an oddly shaped park.

Aside from the shape, the location is also peculiar because the 405 runs parallel to the park, however when you step onto the grounds it feels as if there is nothing but the surrounding nature. The tall trees that line the park create a barrier from the outside world that provide a calm for many of the visitors. The lush park helps clear the air of pollutants, all while reducing noise and providing a beautiful space for all to enjoy.


Almost every time you visit Bridle Trails you will see someone riding a horse. Horses are so prominent at the horse-friendly park that equestrians have the right of way. This is because horses can panic and cause injuries if they are startled. If you see a horse on the path you are asked to stop, make yourself known, and move to the side so the horse can pass. Locally owned horses are not all you may see while you are visiting. If you are lucky you may catch a competition or other riding event that attracts many people from all over to our hidden gem here in Kirkland.

Pack a picnic and enjoy an outdoor lunch at the picnic tables before you take a stroll on one of three trails available at the park which vary in length from 1 mile to 3.5 miles.


Bridle Trails State Park is managed by the state, however there are many volunteers from our community that help keep overhead costs down so the park can remain open for pedestrians and equestrians. If you want to learn more about the park or how to volunteer, visit, and get involved with the Bridle Trails Park Foundation visit

#WeAreKirkland Tip: Entry to the park is free, but make sure to use your Discovery Pass to park!

We hope to see you out there enjoying yet another one of Kirkland’s Hidden Gems!

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