Deborah Knetzger | Artists Outside The Box

June 11, 2019

It is that time again here at the Windermere Kirkland office when we get a new artist up on the walls. These local artists that rotate their art throughout our office help to keep us inspired and remind us that we all have an artist within us to some degree.

For Deborah Knetzger, our newest Artists Outside The Box feature there was no single moment where she thought to herself “I will start creating art”. Rather she was inspired from a young age and continued to create. She attributes her love for art to her elementary school art teacher, who inspired the children to be creative and take chances. At the time Deborah thought this was a lesson all children got in school but realized that her early introduction to being creative was not common.

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Deborah has since created in many different mediums, including drawing and painting in watercolors, oil paints, and acrylics. Now she finds herself mixing the mediums by melting wax and recycled objects or art to create an entirely unique piece. She usually has a general theme to each piece that brings it all together. While creating she can remelt the wax and change her creation as she goes. Her mixed medium form of art adds texture and dimension that you can literally touch as well as take a step back and enjoy.

Art is important in her life because it helps her have a creative outlet, space where she can express herself which she believes everyone can benefit from. Even if she is not creating “art” she always finds herself creating. This creative outlet has also helped Deborah see things with different eyes.

Artists Words Of Wisdom:

“Just do it, don't make excuses to yourself or let anybody talk you out of it. Don't listen to the voice that saying you're not good you're not an artist”

Deborah creates her art knowing that not everyone will love it, like a true artist she creates to make herself happy rather than pleasing everyone - a lesson we can all remind ourselves.

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Our goal at Windermere Kirkland is to be a resource for the community. Aside from helping you buy or sell your home, our team is dedicated to adding value to our city. Every other Tuesday we will be posting a blog post highlighting different people, businesses, communities, and more throughout Kirkland. Stay tuned!

**Artists Outside The Box is a group of artists in the Greater Seattle Area dedicated to promoting art in the community through outreach and collaboration.