PNW Mike Check Episode #14: Natalie Reber & Carol Ryan - Attain Housing

January 25, 2022

On the 14th episode of PNW Mike Check, Mike and Sofia sit down with Natalie Reber, the new Executive Director, and Carol Ryan, the Development Director, of Attain Housing to learn more about homelessness in the PNW and what Attain Housing is doing to help homeless families in the community.

It is no secret that housing prices in the Pacific Northwest, specifically on the Eastside are ever increasing. Although the Eastside is known for being affluent and overall well-off, there are many whose lives are affected by homelessness. Attain Housing is a local organization that has been a resource for both families and individuals in the Eastside since 1989. They are dedicated to providing housing support to those who need it through various programs. 

Natalie joined the Attain team back in June, and as a lawyer with a background in nonprofit work, she brings a very valuable perspective to the growth of the organization. Carol, also with a background in nonprofit work, works to continue to grow the community that supports Attain Housing. 

Attain Housing was not always known by that name. Natalie explains that about 30 years ago the organization was known as Kirkland Interfaith Transitional Housing, which was started by a  dedicated group of individuals that were seeing the need for affordable housing in the Eastside. At the same time, there was another organization called Housing At The Crossroads doing very similar work. Along the way the two organizations merged with very similar missions, both wanting to grow, and both wanted to serve the Eastside. After merging, they became Attain Housing with 32 properties to help with affordable housing.

Within the last ten years Attain has started ramping up their rental assistance program, which examines what causes homelessness on the front end and works to mitigate those situations on the backend. This program has grown exponentially with covid greatly affecting our community in the past few years, both because their government partners have been helping fund those  programs and because the need is so high. 

Although the organization has evolved since its inception, the core of what Attain Housing has done has always remained constant. They are still a dedicated group of individuals who want to help the community with homelessness and affordable housing. 

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