Kirkland's Hidden Gems | Northwest University

February 4th, 2020

Our Hidden Gems blog series aims to highlight specific places in Kirkland that make this amazing city so unique. Our goal is to enlighten people about the one-of-a-kind places that they might not know about. These hidden gems are truly what make Kirkland the interesting place that it is.

The first Hidden Gem that we are going to highlight in 2020 is Northwest University, a local Kirkland Christian college that offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Yes, you read that correctly, there is a university right here in Kirkland!

However, the university was not always located in Kirkland and was known under a different name. When the school first opened in 1934 it was located in Hollywood Temple in Seattle with Dr. Henry H. Ness presiding as president. From then the school underwent a few name changes including, Northwest Bible Institute, Northwest Bible College, Northwest College of the Assemblies of God, and ultimately what we know today as Northwest University in 2005.

Since 1958 NW University has been nestled in the Houghton neighborhood on 108th Ave NE and NE 53rd St, and has since grown to be a 56 acre campus. Throughout the years the university not only grew in size but it also grew in what it offered students. Starting as a three-year program it eventually became a four-year program, then a Liberal Arts division was added, professional accreditation by the American Association of Bible Colleges was granted, and ultimately the regional accreditation by the Northwest Commision on Colleges and Universities.

Northwest University prides itself in upholding strong Christian values and offering top tier academics. With the variety of different degrees in many backgrounds coupled with strong Christian values, students who attend Northwest University are well prepared for life and working outside of Northwest University.

Currently, NW University is in the process of completing their Master Plan to enhance the university experience which includes adding new buildings and replacing old buildings and more.

"The Houghton community of Kirkland has been our permanent home since 1958, and we are very pleased to enhance for the community the benefits associated with having the University as a neighbor."
-Dr. Joseph Castleberry, Northwest University President

To learn more about Northwest University please visit their website

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