PNW Mike Check Episode #4: Samantha Enos - Windermere Kirkland

December 8, 2020

PNW Mike Check Episode #4, the last episode of 2020, is here! On this month’s episode, Mike and Sofia interview Samantha Enos from Windermere Kirkland who transitioned into real estate as her second career. As a first year broker, Samantha has found much success through a challenging year. 

Prior to real estate, Samantha worked for a staffing company doing talent acquisition, an industry with a lot of transition and turnover. Knowing this, Samantha decided it was a good time to follow her true passion - real estate. From her past career Samantha was able to bring a lot of her sales expertise over to her business in real estate. More importantly, Samantha points out that although real estate is the buying and selling of homes, a lot of what she does is work with people. Her ability to work with people and build trust was a big skillset to be able to carry over. 

Before she began, Samantha thought most of her business would come from talking about real estate all of the time. To her surprise she has been able to create a lot of new business doing what comes naturally; being her authentic self. Engaging in her community, checking in with people, and showing up consistently for her network have all helped her blossoming career. 

The biggest “aha!” moment for Samantha this past year was realizing the importance of her database. This database has served as a tool for Samantha to reach great levels of success within her first year, and it also helps keep her organized and on track. Samantha notes that not everyone on her database is looking for a home at the moment, however they may be one day, or they may know someone that needs her help. Maintaining those relationships within her database has proven to be one of the greatest assets she has in her business. 

As any new broker who joins Windermere Kirkland, there are various courses and classes taken to prepare for the real estate journey ahead. Samantha particularly enjoyed Prostart, which is a Windermere course taught by actual Windermere agents, which helps lay down the foundation on how to be an agent. Additionally, she felt the Ninja Selling was amazing for her to learn new sales techniques, some that she had been doing all along and others that she felt she could improve on from her last career. 

When asked what advice she would give someone thinking about getting into real estate, Samantha said,

“Jump in with both feet. I often thought about entertaining real estate as a career, and I never felt it was the right time. I wish I had started earlier”. 

If you are considering transitioning to real estate, give a listen to Samantha’s full interview to gain insight on what your journey could be like or visit our Join Us page for more information! 

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