New Construction - Where Are We Now?

November 24, 2020

The dream of a new We Are Kirkland Windermere building was dreamt throughout the years by owners Mike & BJ Connolly, and now it is finally being brought to life. Since breaking ground last October, this dream has been being built before their eyes. 

“We are four months from getting to our new home and looking to serve our Kirkland and Eastside neighbors in an even greater way with a larger broker team and support staff."
-Mike Connolly, Owner & Designated Broker

Amongst any normal challenges of new construction, this year has brought on unique challenges as the world experienced a global pandemic. The timing, however, is not seen as a misfortune, but rather a beacon of hope. For owners Mike & BJ, bringing their team and community together in new innovative ways is the driving force behind this project, and with a brand new building comes a brand new start after a difficult year. 


“We are all anxious for the new building to be completed. It is something for our team to look forward to, and hopefully once we start going back to a new normal, Windermere Kirkland will also have a new home”
-BJ Connolly, Broker Owner

If any of you have driven by the new construction, it may look like the progress is crawling along, but there is a constant flow of advancements taking place, especially in the small details that bring the entire office together. Here is what is new:


  • Almost all of the HVAC system is done 
  • Electrical low voltage data lines are being installed, which allows brokers to directly plugin.
  • LED lighting has been installed keeping in mind an eco-friendly environment within the building. All offices have sensors that turn lights on as you enter and turn them off when you are not in the room. In the larger rooms with big windows, the lights are programmed to turn off near the windows if there is enough natural light coming through. 
  • Individual spaces have been installed, imagine like cubbies, for the brokers to work out of.
  • There are also lots of private offices, which allow for safe distanced work. 
  • Carpets and tiles have been chosen. 
  • Countertops and appliances have been decided on, and cabinets are being built right now! 
  • Even down to the doorknobs decisions had to be made. 
  • Working with The City of Kirkland along the way has been great so far. They have been responsive and very helpful. Now the next step is the city will have to sign off so we can begin drywalling and really complete the inside.


  • The stucco application has started 
  • The cedar soffits have been added as well as the cedar lining 
  • The upstairs deck is almost complete. This serene area is right off the broker lounge, led by two french doors to the beautiful lakefront views. This space couples as a way to bring in amazing lights, and be a quiet space for brokers and clients to enjoy all that Kirkland has to offer. 
  • The exterior surfaces at the front entry have been waterproofed.

Each space in this building is carefully thought through - the workspace, the flow, the common areas, and everything in between. Mike & BJ want to cultivate a sense of calm in the new building for everyone to enjoy. Amongst the calm, they hope to spark innovation, growth, and positivity. Their hope is that this building does not only inspire their team, but also inspires the community. We cannot wait to share that with you all.

New building coming March 2021! 


Check out Mike & BJ Connolly this past summer giving a tour of the new construction!

Our goal at Windermere Kirkland is to be a resource for the community. Aside from helping you buy or sell your home, our team is dedicated to adding value to our city. Every other Tuesday we will be posting a blog post highlighting different people, businesses, communities, and more throughout Kirkland. Stay tuned!