Kirkland Signature - How Your Favorite Brand Got Its Name

April 21, 2020

We can all agree that Costco is truly an incredible company - with yummy samples and wholesale sizes of products farther than the eye can see. Costco has grown to be one of the most recognizable brands with over 782 clubs across the world. The consistent quality and deals are what have drawn an increasing number of people to their clubs for so many years.

A large part of what consumers love about Costco is the Kirkland Signature brand, their exclusive brand that can only be found at a Costco Club. This private label offers many “Costco” versions of products at a bigger discounted rate than its brand name counterpart on the shelf.

But did you know that Costco Wholesale’s brand, Kirkland Signature, is named after Kirkland, Washington?

Costco has a history that goes all the way back to 1983 when the first warehouse was opened in Seattle, Washington. During that time the headquarters were located right here in Kirkland!

In 1995, the Kirkland headquarters had moved to Issaquah, WA but corporate wanted to pay tribute to their first home of Kirkland. Thus Kirkland Signature was born and has remained a pillar of the products you can find at Costco ever since. The signature brand was created to offer quality and value and the company has worked hard to maintain that promise with each Kirkland Signature product they introduce. Some products serve as a staple in the store, like Kirkland Signature water or bath tissues, and other products can be seasonal like certain alcohols and clothing items.



Wherever you go in the world, people will recognize the Kirkland Signature brand, and wherever there is a Costco in the world, there is a piece of Kirkland.

Costco Fun Facts:

*The first Costco hot dog stand opened in 1985. A hot dog and drink combo was $1.50, and has remained at that price ever since.

*Costco sells around 164,383 rotisserie chickens each day.

*Costco is considered a pizza chain because of all of the amount of pizza they sell at all of the clubs.

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