Kirkland's Hidden Gems | Lake Washington Institute of Technology

April 7, 2020


The Pacific Northwest has carved a path for itself as one of the biggest technology capitals in the country. With companies like Google and GoDaddy frontiering the tech world here in Kirkland, it is no wonder that this area attracts some of the top talent in this industry. But what many people may not realize is a lot of the talent comes from a local college.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology is the next feature in our Kirkland’s Hidden Gems and one of two colleges here in Kirkland. LW Tech has been offering students with higher education since 1949, and is the only public institute of technology in Washington. The school has implemented Washington Community College tuition rates, meaning residents can receive a very high quality education for a very affordable price.

The school prides itself on offering education that is relevant to today’s world with seven programs including The School of Entrepreneurship, The School of Design and Applied Arts, and The School of Information Technology. With over 41 areas of study there is a program for every type of student. With 3,399 currently enrolled full time students and 6,365 total students, LW Tech is creating the best and brightest individuals equipped to keep improving the tech industry here in Washington and beyond.


Four Core Themes coupled with the dedication of faculty provide a well-rounded experience for any student looking to get a higher education.



LW Tech boasts its Kirkland location to potential students and positions itself as a gateway into the vast tech world here in the Pacific Northwest. The breadth of programs and the local advantages creates the perfect opportunity for students to take themselves to the next level whether they are looking to enhance their skills or change careers.

Learn more about Lake Washington Institute of Technology and all they have to offer here!

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