Springtime in Kirkland

May 4, 2021

If you are lucky enough to have spent a spring season in Kirkland, you understand the unique qualities this blossoming season brings to our city, and really the entire Eastside. The sun starts peaking out, the streets are lined with colors as flowers begin to bloom, and there is a little extra pep in everyone’s step. 

Probably the most iconic aspect of springtime here are the cherry blossoms! There are spots like The University of Washington where you can enjoy rows of blossoming trees, but we love finding them unexpectedly. They mark the changing of the season, and create a sense of whimsy that is unmatched. 

As the sun makes its springtime debut, we feel lucky to have so many places to enjoy it! With over 50 parks, including 6 state and county parks, there is always a new spot to explore and soak up some Vitamin D.

We aren’t the only ones that love springtime here in Kirkland, organizations like The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce, Kirkland Downtown Association and The City of Kirkland are always putting on events for all to enjoy. 

Of course we cannot ignore the water activities! You can dock your boat in Kirkland and take it out for a nice day on Lake Washington and enjoy a yummy picnic on the water with unobstructed views of Seattle. You can also rent paddle boards, electric boats or simply just sit out on the many lakefront parks and enjoy the scenery. 

If it’s cultural enrichment you are looking for, Kirkland is just the place! With museums like the Kirkland Heritage Museum or the historic Kirkland Arts Center, there is always something to learn and discover. Or check out the Kirkland Performance Center for the latest play or musical act. Kirkland is also home to many talented artists, many of which can be viewed at galleries like Parklane Gallery

And of course, we saved the best for last, the food! With so many local eateries that specialize in local and global flavors, you are sure to discover something new as winter transitions to spring. One of our favorites is Deru Market which boasts a local menu that makes our mouth water. 

Whatever you are looking for in Kirkland during the springtime, you will find it. With so many little pockets to discover, we are always adding to our springtime list. What are your favorite things to do and spots to visit in the springtime?

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